How BNI Works

BNI is the world’s largest word-of-mouth referrals organisation. Each week, BNI members meet with their local group and exchange business referrals. At these meetings, members have an opportunity to share with their fellow members what types of referrals they are looking for, and ask for help in securing these referrals.


When BNI members see a business opportunity for a particular member, they will qualify the prospect to ensure that they have interest in doing business with the member. Only when this has been confirmed will a referral be passed to the other member.

In addition to providing contact info to the member receiving the referral, the member making the referral will also contact the member to provide more details, such as background information and the needs of the prospect.

Armed with this information, the member will then schedule a meeting with the prospect. At this stage, the prospect has been qualified as being ready and willing to learn about the products or services offered by the member.

Each week during the positive contributions portion of the chapter meeting, the member making the referral will pass it to the receiving member in front of all the other members and their guests.


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